14 thoughts on “Half and Half

    1. Hi Vicki, being able to give all those elements to the photograph is something I wish I could do more often. The smell of fall and emotional aspect are so individual capturing a somewhat universal feeling seems to be a good starting point. Practice, practice, practice.

    1. HI and thanks, I find that these complex and semi abstract scenes are so beautiful and it just show the limitations we have in translating it to a permanent form via camera but I will never stop trying. A fool that persists in their folly will indeed someday succeed. Hope you are having a great week.

      1. I hope your week is going well, too! I think this folly that you speak of is the artists’s work. I’ve been thinking of complexity and how to represent it, thanks for your thoughts.

          1. Hmm, maybe, probably a good approach, to limit the chaos. I think you’re right it’s the type of challenge that can last a lifetime. Happy Halloween!

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