Just when you think you are sneaking up nicely to get a good close up this hawk takes notice with a 180 degree turn on the head. I wonder what it would be like to have eyes in the back of your heads. Maxwell wildlife refuge, Maxwell NM.

25 thoughts on “180

  1. What a great shot. And I agree – facing an animal when it’s looking you right in the eye very often makes me shudder too. Especially when it’s unexpected like this. Creepy.

    1. It is a great experience to see eye to eye with a magnificent looking bird like this. What you realize is that you can’t get away with anything. They know you are there even from behind.

    1. Hi Shannon, I am not sure if Hawks have the same anatomical feature as Owls that allows the swivel head but it is worth looking into. I know that my Mom had those eyes in the back of her head and probably some radar/sonar thing going on as well.Hope your day is gong well.

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