Guess Who.


While walking in our local forest we noticed the crows making a ruckus and several were gathered in a tree cawing away. We followed the noise and guess who we found? A fairly young looking Great Horned Owl. He was being kept on a short leash by the crows but it did not see to bother him. More often than not following the crows in these woods leads us to a Great Horned Owl.Poor guys never get a minute of peace.

20 thoughts on “Guess Who.

  1. Walking My Path: Mindful Wanderings in Nature

    Wow, Mike! This is an incredible shot!! So perfectly framed where the yellow leaves match his/her eyes, and the tree bark blending with the feathers. It is so clear and crisp. I see the crows harassing the red-tails a lot, but haven’t been led to an owl by them. It is so rare to encounter them in the day. I will have to watch out for that. Thanks! I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving Day.

    1. Thanks Mary, well we have t thanks the forrest for the composition and color schemes for this one. This little section of forest where we can take a short walk is one place we regularly see Great Horned Owls in the day. They are usually perched quietly in the tree and very eel camouflaged. In fact I bet we walk right past them all the time without seeing them. Between the crows and us looking on I could feel this Owl was ready for a bit of quiet time. Thanks giving was wonderful and we got our first significant snowfall last night.

  2. Excellent shot – the golden leaves in the background match his eyes. Gorgeous plumage. Crows harass the hawks here all the time, dive-bombing them, which I guess can be risky as I’ve heard that occasionally, they’ll take a crow down.

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