19 thoughts on “Ice Capades

  1. I watched the gulls and geese doing the same thing here in TN. I thought it was incredible how they were so obviously playing, having fun. They would slide as far as they could go then fly up to get some speed and land again to slide some more.

    1. I guess you could make the assertion we all just want to have fun while we are here on this little ball in the universe and I bet it would be correct. Thanks for sharing your observations, these crows were indeed having fun and the best part for me was the cawing for other crows to come join them. At one point there were about 8-9 all having fun together.

  2. Lot so see in your blog Mike so I’ll take my time – our equivalent, or similar species (wolf) is always the stuff of hefty debate and sadly usually on the loosing side and really needs protection.

    1. Thanks for stopping by the blog and please do take your time to look around and find a few things that tickle you. I could not agree more about protecting the wolves. In the United States we usually have the battle between the solve and the rancher, but not always and we are learning to accept the wolves we do have more.

  3. I saw some geese last week walking on the frozen part of a pond and they were sliding as well. Not seeming to play, though. I wish they had been. They seemed pretty stolid. I do like your crows, but then I like crows in general.

    1. Thanks, yes both crows and ravens are so intelligent. If you have never read the book “The Mind Of A raven” it is quite insightful into raven behavior. Hope your Monday has been well.

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