Handcrafted?…..no way…this wonder was made with a beak.

Last years Oriole nest none the worse for wear.

Soon the trees will bud out and the leaves will conceal the nests from view.

Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife refuge.

21 thoughts on “Handcrafted?

  1. it is amazing how these little creatures can make a home that withstands natures elements. This is done without technology, machines, tools, or any specialized education. Best part is the labor force that is made up of one or two birds.

    1. Hi Eliza, we always enjoy seeing their nests before they are covered up by the leaves. It is amazing the array of fibers they will use to build a nest. We quite often see them filled with man-made fibers in addition to grasses.

      1. Birds will use whatever resources are at hand. It’s best to offer natural twigs and fibers if we can. I re-blogged a post today about providing nest materials for birds to use, which helps them tremendously.

        1. Eliza, I did something along those lines yesterday. We watched as a cormorant tried and tried to lift off of the water with a very large stick to no avail. After seeing that I thew a few manageable size sticks into the pond. I do not know if they were used but I hope so.

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