Guys…She’s Listening


The arrival of the Red Winged Black Birds brings life back to the ponds once the overwintering waterfowl have left. This Female is perched and listening to the males who are just now starting to sing their songs. Clear Creek, Denver CO.

22 thoughts on “Guys…She’s Listening

    1. Hi Jet, sorry for the tardy response but this week things we just darn busy. It is amazing that from the day I posted this photo until now the influx of these guys has been rapid. Last evening the pond we walked around was filled with the songs of males.

  1. Walking My Path: Mindful Wanderings in Nature

    They are back here too. Some of the males stayed through the winter, I guess because we put out food, but it got pretty cold. The females and the rest of the males have come back and the guys are singing up a storm! It’s so nice. 🙂 Lovely shot, Mike.

    1. Hi and glad to hear they are back in force as they are indeed a true harbinger of spring. Yesterday we took and walk around a pond and the males were sure singing up a storm.

    1. Hi Eliza, yes those flashy males sitting thigh on the reed singing their song do seem to grab the headlines. I find the females just as wonderful with some subtle coloring that is amazing.

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