27 thoughts on “Seeking Symmetry

  1. sueashby7

    This is astounding! You say so much with so few words, and they play so well with the photograph. It’s a dance of gentle wind in the trees, and it sings. Thank you so much. I think this is amazing. I tend to over think everything. You don’t seem to have that problem. I would love to live in your brain once in a while.

    1. Hi and thanks for the kind feedback. We really appreciate it. I overthink many rings just like you and that is just the human way. The key for me is realizing that when I can. Hope your day is going well and sorry for the late response on this post as I have gotten behind in replying and this post slipped of the radar screen.

    1. HI, eternal peace is perhaps a perfect way to describe the feeling I have when I am out off the west coast of Vancouver Island. The landscape feel eternal with sea and mountains and the quiet brings the peace. Even the storms and rains days although hard feel peaceful. Thanks for the feedback as we really appreciate it.

    1. Hi Inge, thanks for the kind words on the site and sorry for the tardy response a this comments for this post slipped off my radar screen. Where in Norway are you a Park Manager. The landscape seems so diverse in Norway it must be a magnificent place to live and work.

      1. I’ve started following your site because of all great nature pictures.

        I am national park manager in Saltfjellet-Svartisen national park. In the west we got the coast with some beautiful wilderness fjords without human impacts (search for Nattmorsåga in Google – beautiful waterfall in one of these fjords). And in the east we got the mountains, also un-touched by humans exept the sapmi people. So in my national park the landscape is very diverse from east to west, and in the middle we have some of Europes biggest glaciers – Svartisen.

  2. I like this image very much – something between a photograph and a painting. Would you be able to explain a little about the shooting and the processing? I’m learning (slowly) ……

    1. HI and thanks for the feedback as we really appreciate it. Also sorry for the tardy response to your comment as somehow this post slipped off the radar screen for me to reply to. This was shot on my pone using an app call hipsamatic. There are several pre-set filters I use and this one has a textured background that give that painting look. I find the phone with a life proof case a nice camera to take in the kayak. Just as long as I don’t drop it.

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