50 thoughts on “Meeting with the boss

    1. Hi and thanks for the feedback. Yes, this little guy was quite content and clearly happy with being in the spotlight. Hope you doing well and wishing you a great day.

    1. Hi and when you come across a subject that begs to take their photo I guess you just have to take that photo. this guy was pretty obliging for a beetle. Hope your doing well and having a wonderful week.

      1. Mi Mike. I have a Canon sx50 Powershot (bridge camera) that, despite a 100x zoom, isn’t quite good enough to get great shots of small objects although for bigger insects it is fine…I love to take photos of Praying Mantis because they always pose…they look straight down the lens at you which is magic! They certainly act like they are top of the food chain. 😄

        1. HI, we have only had the chance to photograph a preying matins once. We found the guy in our garden and took a few quick photos. We then went in to get the macro lens and when we came back out could not find the guy at all. Must be fun to see them more often as they are cool insects.

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