It’s a bird?


Well almost as big as a small hummingbird. A White Lined Sphinx Moth working it’s way around the flowers for a quick sip of nectar. The length of that tongue is amazing.


…and by the way it is national moth week


23 thoughts on “It’s a bird?

    1. Thanks Jet, it is hard to see the detail until you look at the photos. Given these guys are crepuscular and was dusk we had to turn up the ISO quite high to get clear photos.

  1. erm ……erm …..erm ….I’m sure it’s very lovely …but A MOTH THE SIZE OF A BIRD!!!!? Sometimes your pics and descriptions are a little toooooo good:D:D:D

      1. I didn’t doubt you Mike …..just the thought of a moth the size of a bird freaked me out ……I know we should find beauty in all things ….and I kind of DO ….but to think of one of those Moths rattling round my light shade on a summers night when I’ve left the window open makes me shiver:D:D:D

  2. Moths can be as beautiful as hummingbirds. In fact all of nature is wonderful the problem is most rarely bother to look. Art including photography and painting is the best medium to promote awareness and caring.

    1. HI CJ, we could not agree more with your thoughts. Art is a special medium in which we can educate in a way that is separate from “book learning” if you get what I mean. Thanks for the comments as we really appreciate the. One of our favorite art-conservations groups is artists for conservation.

      Hope your weekend is a great one.

  3. I have been fortunate a handful of times to see the “clearwing moth” (Hemaris thysbe) in our yard. It looks so much like a hummingbird from a distance! I’ve never seen the one you photographed. Very nice!

    1. HI Marry, we have never seen a clearwing in nature only on the internet when researching other large moths. It is amazing the size some of these moths can attain as well as being able to fly like a hummingbird.

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