Probing and Pollinating


Bugs and flowers go hand and hand. This little black and yellow guy was probing for nectar while doing a little polinating at the same time. One of the things that is fun about macro photography is getting a glimpse into a world you really can not see with the naked eye and all too often we forget that just because we can not see something it does not matter.

42 thoughts on “Probing and Pollinating

    1. A few but not many..A new perspective is gained by understanding that our view of the universe is directly tied to the limitations of our sensory organs and there is so we just do not know. Humbling and exciting.

  1. Fascinating little buzzers aren’t they? Love bees, and we got some funny looks on occasions when we assisted several to flowers to feed. Got to look after the bees. They do more than people think.

  2. Macro photography is so interesting because of that surprise factor. I really enjoy seeing the minuscule things that we can’t appreciate without the aid of a lens. Beautiful shot.

    1. Thanks I agree whole heartedly. The surprise is so cool and like stepping into a new universe. The fractal details are revealed and go on and on. Hope your day is going great and wishing you a great weekend.

  3. The Focus Unlimited

    great it is..i myself enjoy macro photography a lot. It is really awesome viewing the every detail of the wonderful nature…

  4. One of the nice things about seeing the bees like this is that they look so endearing (well, maybe not this guy; he looks kind of trendy and hip). I try to make sure the garden is full of flowering things for them and pesticide free…

    1. HI, yes when we get a look we see more than just something that might sting you. It is fun to go out to a green full of flowers and see the bees buzzing about. It bring another dimension of life to the flowers.

  5. Hello! I am an Entomologist but I also love taking pictures. I always wish that I had a macro lens though for the tiny creatures. Has anyone here tried a macro lens on their phone’s camera?

    1. Hi, we do have a macro attachment that can be used on our phones but the magnification is not all that powerful and the phone had a hard time focusing when we tried to get real close. Hope this is helpful and thanks for the feedback as we really appreciate it. Hope you are having a great weekend.

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