33 thoughts on “Flicker

  1. A few years ago, flickers built a nest in a tree by my studio and I got to watch them raise their family. I love these beautiful birds! This is a great photo!

    1. Thanks Pam, I have never had a chance like that to watch a flicker family. We did have finches and robins nest in our yard and that was indeed quite a treat but flickers are indeed beautiful and display a unique behavior. I love to hear them pecking on metal objects as that heralds the arrival of spring and a new mating season around here.


      1. I was glued to the window for several weeks! Indeed – it was a treat. Nice to find fellow bird lovers here. This summer, it’s hummingbirds that are the special treat…

      1. Very cool. I’ve only seen (just barely) one woodpecker in my neck of the woods (NYC). Actually, I heard it more than I saw it. I was really surprised, since it was my first time seeing a woodpecker. I always thought they were supposed to look like the cartoon character Woody Woodpecker. Yeah, seriously. LOL! 😉 Thanks for introducing me to the Flicker.

        1. One of my favorite things about most woodpeckers is the fact that I hear them prior to seeing them most of the time. It then becomes a listen and look exercise to see if I can find them. The Northern Flicker is very common and in the spring can be heard pecking away on metal objects in the city as the mating season begins. A harbinger that spring is here.

    1. Thanks Melisa, birds are a daily reminder of the wonders around us and give pleasure with both their familiarity as well as their novelty when you get to see new species. Have a great weekend.

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