40 thoughts on “Lichen it

    1. Thanks, it is amazing what we can find if we take the time to look, although that is easier said than done sometimes. Lichen is amazing stuff so many shapes so many colors and a great biology lesson demonstrating how we are all connected. Thanks for the thoughtful comment and have a great weekend.


    1. Thanks, it is very cool how the patterns of nature repeat in various subtle form from land to sea to sky reinforcing the thought that at the most basic level there is connectedness in all things.


      1. I enjoy photographing lichen also, and find them fascinating, especially as they are all around us and are not always noticed. Can’t believe we are almost halfway through anoter week already. Enjoy the rest of your week, Mike.


  1. I love lichen and the shots are great. I once met a professor in lichens (really) and he said that most of them only grow in clean environments but one orange one likes traffic fumes. There is a lichen for everyone!


    1. HI and we also find lichen very interesting and also one time read a story about how the color of a lichen in a specific area could indeed let you know about the atmosphere in that area. Nature is so interesting at every level. Hope your week is off to a wonderful start.

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