Just like that


Just a week ago it sure felt like early fall was lingering into mid-October. Well just a week later an mid-October feels just like mid-October. A light layer of clouds blanket the sky. A light snow has fallen and the orange and yellows in the valley have a added hint of brown. Willow Creek, Grand County, CO.

12 thoughts on “Just like that

    1. Hi Eliza, this area of CO has really been ravaged by the pine beetle. Whole areas have been clear-cut and many more need to be. It is disheartening to go to hike/xc-ski on trails that were fully in the forest a few years ago now totally exposed.
      In some places the Aspen move into the cleared spots and in some spots there are small lodgepole starting to grow but without cold winters to control the beetle population who knows what the endgame for these forests will be.

    1. Hi and thanks. It was a very colorful weekend on the ground and very representative of this time of year. Many of the leaves have fallen but the willow and shrubs sure are beautiful. Hope you have a great weekend.

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