Lip Smacking


Is a lip smacking feast awaiting this red fox? We caught a brief glimpse of this red fox through the car window while on a quiet country road and it sure looked like they were onto a meal. Before we could see the scene play out the fox moved into the woods and was lost from sight. A brief yet gratifying experience and a tale yet to be told.

37 thoughts on “Lip Smacking

  1. Now see, if I had seen this fox, and actually had my camera handy, all I would have gotten would be an excited blur, and you got this fabulous shot! Very nice. I was just reading an article about foxes, and how there are really far more of them living in urban areas than we suspect. I’m glad about that, but there is nothing like a fox in his wild habitat, is there?

    1. HI Melissa, we do see foxes here in Denver every once in awhile. My fondest memory of a city fox was while out one evening on a run around the local lake. The fox was sneaking away with a nice large goose in their mouth. Quite a meal.

          1. Have you been over-run by grey squirrels? 20 years ago we had both red and grey squirrels in this area, but over time the grey squirrels totally dominated which strikes me as odd because their biology is different. Not enough, perhaps.

  2. it is not the first time you were lucky to catch a glimpse of a fox.. you have a special knack.. love the picture.. I agree, the licking tongue is “neat”

    1. Hi and thanks, it is always fun to get a peek at these guys going about their routine searching for a meal and we agreed the little tongue lick was a bonus for this photo. Hope your well and wishing you a great week.

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