While the classic photo of the Western Meadowlark is taken with the bird singing, mouth wide open, this guy refused to cooperate and sing his wonderful tune while I was watching him. He waited until I got tired and turned my head from the camera to sing his tune, which was magical nonetheless.

52 thoughts on “Uncooperative

    1. Excellent observation when my eyes were in the wrong place my hears were in the right place to hear that wonderful song. Thanks for checking out the post and all the best.

  1. Isn’t that always the way? Sometimes I think we’re being told to put the camera away and just be present! Sometimes I listen! πŸ™‚
    He is a fine specimen – the feathers and the grooves in the fence post – so nice!

    1. Nature always has that rebellious ingredient added to life’s recipe to make oh so delicious. Hope your weekend is going well and thanks for the feedback as it is greatly appreciated.

  2. I love these birds and their song. It’s kind of nice to see one NOT singing. I always thought they looked as though they were wearing a yellow sweater over a black turtleneck. Lovely shot.

    1. Hi and we always love to hear their song as well. A true harbinger of the return of spring on the grasslands here and such a colorful addition to the plains as well. Hope you are having a great morning and enjoy your week ahead.

    1. HI, yes these birds are quite an eyeful for sure especially during the early breading season where this male was sure dressed to impress. Thanks for taking the time to leave us some feedback as we really appreciate it.

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