Always Curious

We were surprised when a pair of River Otters popped up over a river bank to check us out early one morning. Curious and inquisitive they had a quick look and then slipped back down the bank and out of sight.

Later on the family went out for a stroll along the riverbank and all marched in a line…well except for junior who had to make his own way.

Bear Lake National Wildlife Refuge.

27 thoughts on “Always Curious

          1. With just a quick glance at the map is does look like the area where the Wisconsin river joins the Mississippi and north could be quite fun to explore. I will have to think about taking a different route to Illinois next time I visit my Father. Thanks for the lead as I always am looking for a new route to rive that way.

    1. Hi Adam, we did get a bit lucky that morning as they did just appear over the river bank. We were actually watching birds on the other side of the river and out the Otters came. They are so much fun to watch. Did you get to see and Sea Otters while out in Ucluelet this summer?

      1. Hi Mike,
        No we didn’t see any sea otters this time – they are always a sight to smile at – it was river otters and a few harbor seals, and very distant views of sea lions on rocks far from shore. Maybe next time for a sea otter…
        I hope your long weekend has been enjoyable.

        1. I always love when a harbor seal nose pops up nearby while in the kayak and even though you may only get a short glimpse before they dive back down they make it feel like the ocean is not always a big and forbidding as it might seem. The weekend was nice albeit hot for September. The smoke form fires up in Montana has made it all the way down to Denver and gave the weekend a bit of an eerie glow.

    1. Hi and thanks for the feedback. We do appreciate it. Otters are always a joy to watch and we just felt lucky they allowed us on that morning. Hope you have a great day and a wonderful weekend.

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