19 thoughts on “Chubby

  1. Graham

    Not sure I’ve ever seen anyone quite so fat and so grumpy looking at the same time…well…maybe the mother in law…wish she would go into a burrow for 6 months. πŸ˜„


    1. HI, it is always fun to watch these guys. Last summer we watched a large family rollicking in the grass of a high alpine meadow on a sunny day. How times have changed as they are all getting ready for the winter now.


        1. I know of a colleague h is studying this. There is a hormone called leptin that does this in Marmots but Leptin does not function in a similar way in humans. For now the best defense against obesity is just to eat real food.

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  2. Boots on the Trail

    Grumpy maybe, but cute for sure. But then I have a weak spot for these plump little fur bags – even when they’ve chewed on my pack straps! Natural history note: They have a soft spot for canned sardines…


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