51 thoughts on “Good as Gold

        1. Thant’ sad to hear. Is the warmer temperature killing them off or just altering the way the color changes in the fall. We have a pine beetle epidemic out here which is attributed to warmer winters and is decimating the lodgepole pines in the eastern part of the state.

          1. They need really cold winters (last was the first one we’ve had in decades). Another new threat is Asian Longhorn Beetles – pretty scary. Maples are my favorite tree and of course, source of delicious syrup!
            I’ve seen photos of pine beetle damage devastating thousands of acres. I think people who deny climate change are loonies. The evidence is all around us if they’d only care to look.

          2. Hi Eliza, wish we had a few maples around here if not for their beauty as well as they delicious syrup.

            It seems that global warming will certainly change the face of the planet and probably sooner than letter.

  1. While I live in the land of maple trees, that put on an awesome lead colour show in fall, I actually love aspens in the fall, that brilliant yellow/tawny/bronze colour combo is my absolute favourite. Great photo, thanks for sharing.

    1. HI, I have never experienced that colors of Maples and other deciduous trees of the east but will have to check it out one day. I think aspens are special as well. Must be they light of the west and how it works with the forests of aspens.

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