On the Mullen

A female Downey Head Woodpecker found the Mullen plant to her liking this morning as she spent quite a bit of time hunting and then pecking away for a meal.

She inspected the plant then with target in sight and eyes closed tight she pecked away like only a woodpecker can peck.

Then back again for another round on the beautiful Mullen plant.

12 thoughts on “On the Mullen

  1. Oh what a great story with pictures 🙂 I love them all and plans although I have friends that have pastors and farms that heat it because it’s an invasive species. I think it’s a wonderful plan for many uses. Obviously so does the woodpecker 🙂

      1. It certainly is a striking plant. You can take The told her I stocks, and dip them in a pipe filled with hot wax to make torches. And let’s face it those leaves make great toilet paper when you’re out about LOL. There also beneficial for cold and cough

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