Like air

This little dragonfly seemed as small and ethereal as the air in which they flew. I am not sure the exact species of Dragonfly but this one was one of the smallest I have seen this year. Perhaps a juvenile?

They were hovering about then occasionally landing on the fall grasses out in a field where we take a walk. This one had what looked to be eggs attached to their body. Do Dragonflies or Damselflies do that?

Barely as long as a few grains on the grass.

12 thoughts on “Like air

    1. HI Jim and it was ice for this Damselfly to hang out for photos. As you suggest we have some large ones around here that I have never seen land at all and getting a photo of them has always been a hit or miss (mostly miss) scenario.

  1. Fascinating captures, Mike. These may be Sprites (Narrow-winged Damselflies). Perfectly adapted to match its environment… I don’t think they carry eggs, laying them in water usually. Parasites, perhaps?

    1. Hi Eliza and thanks for the ID suggestion. I recently got an ap to help ID these guys but it is arranged in a way that you need to know scientific names to easily hone in on a species. They do have photos of most of the species but scrolling through them while quite educational takes much time. Hope you have a great weekend.

    1. Hi Rob and thanks. I sorta knew they were damselflies but somewhere deep inside I always seem to use dragonflies as a way to describe both dragonflies and damselflies. A bad habit I need to break.

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