17 thoughts on “Quiet Time

  1. Here in eastern IA early leaf color was expected due to our dry August and Sept. As of today in mid-October, we have not seen much change. There is still a lot of green. The normal date for first frost is about Sept 30. None so far and none expected in the coming week. It is going to change later than usual. I wonder what our winter will bring.

    1. Hi Jim, what winter will bring is a great question. It seems harder and harder to predict that. So far our fall has been warm but sprinkled with a one-day snow storm a few times and one freeze. Leaves turned right on schedule in the mountains but are hanging on here in the city. I sure hope the mountains get the snow and moisture this winter.

          1. Climate scientists are telling us there is more unpredictable and extreme weather going on. More to come. It is causing some major disruptions socially, economically, and politically worldwide. More unrest and instability. Our military sees it as a top priority for planning.

          2. Hi Jim, Global warming does seem to be introducing a bit of wobble into the systems we rely on to be somewhat stable for our existence. I have read that the military and many other view this as the major priority for long term planning. Sorta gives us the clue about how the whole society should view this but it looks like the greed and ignorance (with ignorance meaning ignore…ance) will probably dive us towards a place that will be hard to both ignore and recover from.

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