14 thoughts on “Milk Weed Seed

  1. We have introduced Scotch thistle here and even though it’s a weed I love to look at the fluffy seeds and watch them float in the air. I’m not sure why the fascination. It could be a reminder of childhood – the simple delights of nature. They looked like little ballerinas or fairies flying perhaps. They make a great photo!

    1. Hi Jane, perhaps it it just taking the time to observe which brings us so much pleasure and the tying it back to a time when that is what we did a children might reinforce the pleasure. Anyway, hop your day is going great and Happy Halloween.

  2. Hi Mike, looks like milkweed to me, milk thistle has a flat seed head. Regardless, it is still a great shot! I too, love to observe the variations as the pods open and the seed disperses. There is a contrasting gold interior patch that fairly glows when the light is low.

    1. Hi Eliza, well I better double check my Plant ID and as you say the variations on a theme with these pods is a wonder to behold. I will have to look for the gold interior patch. Hope your day is going well and Happy Halloween.

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