Stink Eye


Stink Eye-a facial expression of distrust, disdain, or disapproval; also called skunk eye, hairy eyeball

I have no idea why, and this mischievous looking little American Coot is not letting on, but the Geese on the pond were sure giving him the a big ol’ dose of Stink Eye.

37 thoughts on “Stink Eye

  1. Lol, you found the coot! Well, I’ve been proven wrong, they *are* capable of giving distinctive looks. 😉
    I see it’s one with red eyes too – and that expression “Stink Eye” does the frustration of the Geese really justice! “Hairy eyeball” is a version I have to remember as well. Hilarious. 😉

    1. Hi Suzan, this little guy does have a a bit of a mischievous grin and must have been dong something to earn the stink eye by the geese that day. Although from my observations it is the coots who should be giving the geese the eye given their typical bad behavior. Hairy eye is a term I did not know either until I looked up the dictionary version of stink eye for the post. and it is a term deserving of usage in many situations.

      Have a great weekend.

  2. So at least in America they’re on the receiving end… Eurasion coots are usually the ones giving the stink-eye to everybody else. And I really mean everybody.
    My first encounter with a coot years ago involved the question whether it was wiser to stand our ground or walk away.
    Walking away seemed a good choice, especially after we watched said coot successfully chasing a flock of male mallards just 5 minutes later. 😉

    1. Hi, it is just the opposite here. The geese are usually giving everybody the business and if I had a dollar with each run in I have had with cranky geese I would be a rich man. I have even had a goose fly after me in the air while I was on my bike riding to work on a local bike path along the river.

      The American coot always seems to be given no respect.

    1. Hi, stank eye with a souther accent sounds pretty good. I am sure the coot did something but he is not letting on to it. Hope your day is going well and thanks for taking time to leave a little feedback.

    1. There were a few geese along the bike path in town that would fly after me when I rode by on my bike one spring. Riding down the bike path with an angry goose flying behind you was not a pleasant experience.

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