No Respect


Pssst…hey! why do keep trying to swat me, like, well a fly?


As the sun comes back from it’s winters journey south it brings a few less desirable visitors back with it. In this case a recent large hatch of flies. Buzzing about the house every which  way, we try to put them out the door, but I admit a few get swatted along the way.


In between the swatting a few photos were taken and a conversation had.


What the Turkey said?

In a yard on a quiet side street Mule Deer were resting and wild Turkey hanging out. It all seemed quite bucolic. However one specific Turkey caught your eyes as we quietly drove up. She was staring up at the Christmas lights wrapped around the tree with what could only be described as a perplexed and annoyed look in her eyes. As we rolled down our car window to take this photo I swear I heard the Turkey say “Jeez….Christmas lights still up and it’s almost April”.

Have a great weekend.

Stink Eye


Stink Eye-a facial expression of distrust, disdain, or disapproval; also called skunk eye, hairy eyeball

I have no idea why, and this mischievous looking little American Coot is not letting on, but the Geese on the pond were sure giving him the a big ol’ dose of Stink Eye.