Triteleia Grandiflora


One of the more unusual wildflowers we see each summer is Triteleia Grandiflora.

The tall slender stalk with only one or two basal leaves spring up out of grassy areas and are capped with a cluster of delicate yet hardy and unusual looking purple-blue flowers.

A native to the pacific northwest east of the cascade mountains from Oregon into Montana, Wyoming, Utah and Idaho. We have see it growing in open Prairies and up into mountain foothills. Usually it seems that each plant is widely spaced from it’s neighbors or many times we see a single plant spring up far from others of its own species.



It’s always fun to photograph these each spring and this years we have noticed greater numbers of Triteleia Grandiflora blooming than in the previous years.


8 thoughts on “Triteleia Grandiflora

    1. Thanks Andrea, it is a photo where were were capturing the wonderful grasslands only afterwards noticed it filled with Triteleia and that is in fact the nature of the plant at times it is understated and just blends into a fields at times.


    1. Hi and yes a beautiful flower. They are known as triplet lilies and do look a bit like some of the alliums we have around with that tall slender stalk. Hope your day is going well and wishing you a wonderful weekend.


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