A new one.


It is always fun to see a new one. Here are two views of a new and interesting looking insect which we think to be a bee but could well be a fly. It smaller than a honey bee, has long antennae,  a hairy body like a bee and interesting orange wings. This was the only one like this we have encountered and is not shown in the guide to local bees making me think it may be a bee-fly mimic.


Yes, it is indeed fun to encounter a new species of any kind to reinforce just how wonderful the diversity of life on our planet.


Thanks for everyones help in identification of this insect. Looks to be a Hornet-Moth.



10 thoughts on “A new one.

  1. troutlily57

    Mike, do you remember if it had a second set of wings? I can’t tell from the photos. I’m not an entomologist but, if it only has one pair of wings, that probably puts its ID into the fly family instead of bee.


    1. Hi Eliza, there is indeed a strong similarity to the moth you suggested. I would have never considered this little guy to be moth. This makes seeing him even that more special. Hop your week is going well.


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