Like fingers


A wonderful and unusual fungus growing like fingers from the earth along the path of  old tree decomposing lying just below the earths surface.


There were several cluster each with a wonderful beauty that made us ponder life myriad forms. Each form with a place and each important to the whole.


The diversity of life is natures greatest gift.

12 thoughts on “Like fingers

    1. HI Kit, we have to do a little research to find out what these are called. Need to pull out the mushroom ID book from the bookshelf and do some work. We will let you know what they are if we find out. Hop you have a wonderful weekend.


    1. HI Pete and thanks. We were quite surprised by this fungus and have only come across it this one time. It was quite anemone like and the forest floor felt like a little undersea world a bit while observing it. Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

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  1. Of all the fungi I have seen, I have never come across anything like this. Fantastic photos, Mike, and what a find. Makes me think there is quite a community of life underground. So right you are about nature’s greatest gift….


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