The fruits of their labor


Working hard from spring through summer the plants have done their thing. Now all that hard work is  proudly on display.

The Choke Cherries have ripened and will provide food for bears and birds and even a human or two.


The Oregon Grape has produced berries of purple-blue that will help feed the grouse and pheasants as well as waxwings.


The wild rose has a a tough go of it as these bushes are a favorite food of deer. These Rose Hips were hanging high on the only branch not trimmed low to the ground by a local family of deer. A mother Mule Deer and her two fawns can really make quick work of a rose bush.


The snowberry bushes are numerous and cover the forest understory. This year they have done well and the berries will provide food for songbirds, game birds and many small mammals as winter rolls into town.


The plants have been busy and the fruits of their labor show.

10 thoughts on “The fruits of their labor

  1. That is a nice collection of berry photos. Ornamental crab apple trees in the neighborhood are heavily laden with fruit this year. They will hang until spring. Returning robins and cedar waxwings will eat them and get drunk on the fermented fruits.


    1. Hi Eliza, unlike the local weather forecasters I am not sure what winter will bring this year. We did get our first snow of the season over the weekend and temperatures are getting below freezing for the next couple of evenings. We are hopping for a bit of indian summer to find its way here but you just never know.

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