A Thousand Miles Away

Smoke form wildfires, most burning over a thousand miles away, allowed us to look directly into the sun well before evening came our way. A not so subtle reminder the ecosystem we inhabit is indeed connected. All living things inhabiting the only planet we have.

7 thoughts on “A Thousand Miles Away

  1. Hard to put a ‘like’ to this one! We’ve been really lucky so far this summer, but suddenly we seem to be surrounded by wildfires. Last count for Oregon 488 active wildfires as of 9/8 2:26 PM…
    The smoke is finally reaching us here close to the coast.


  2. Hope there will be some relief soon. These fires are getting more intense and spread too fast these days… climate change, drought, dry scrub, winds. We have had a small one in comparison not far from us in Spain, but each year seems worse.


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