6 thoughts on “Above the canyon rim.

    1. Thanks, I agree that it is probably a result of the new editor or the way it decides what to show in the reader. I started using the new editor over a month ago but it was not until last week this glitch started happening. I have yet to get a clear fix for this. I have found that if I set the photo I wanted to have in my post as a featured image it shows in the reader.

      Wishing you a great week.

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      1. I know lots of WordPress bloggers who are having all sorts of problems with the new editor. The problems are inconsistent. I can publish one post and process the next in exactly the same way and WordPress will decide to drop an image which is in the edited version but not in the subscription email or in reader. If I pop back and recentre the image it will magically reappear in reader.
        Because the glitches seem inconsistent it is really hard to discover a work-around. When I post something now I have to checxk the blog, the reader and the subscription email! It rather takes the joy out of things a bit!
        Best wishes
        and you too have a great week 🙂


    1. Thanks, I think I have found a fix for this but have yet to get a clear answer as to why it is occurring. As suggested it may be the new editor or the way it decides what to post in the reader.

      I may have to format posts/blog differently to get it fixed.

      Thanks for the heads up and wishing you a fine week.

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