Puffed Out


All puffed out and waiting for the sun to warm things up before hitting the lake to collect bugs.

There were literally billions, well OK, there were a boat load of swallows buzzing around the lakes in North Park last weekend collecting bugs off the top of the water. We went out early one morning to catch the action but it was cold and most of the swallows were hunkered down and puffed out trying to keep warm and the sun to come out.



Join me in welcoming a new baby Killdeer to this wonderful world of ours.

Hiding in the tall grass we spotted just a hint of movement as we went by and low and behold we found this guy along with his siblings zipping to and fro exploring their new surrounding. He posed for a quick portrait and them hustled back to the clan. All was good in the grass along the ditch.

Cinnamon Teal


With the snow still flying and a cold wind blowing we were surprised to find a few early arrivals to the marshes near the Arapahoe National Wildlife Refuge last weekend. One such arrival was this handsome Cinnamon Teal hanging out in last years grass. Walden, CO.

Just for a moment


The Barn Swallows were busy swirling and whirling in typical swallow fashion hunting for an early season hatch of bugs present in the air above a small lake. Photographing them in flight is always quite the challenge. Luckily for us this guy decided to settle down for a quick rest and landed on a section of barbed wire fence close to us. He stayed there for just a moment making for a relaxed and restful photograph of a bird that seems to be in otherwise constant motion. Near Walden, CO.