22 thoughts on “Put em up!

    1. He was a nice fellow and perhaps it is my bad for projecting human like behaviors into the photo by using words that really did not represent the true nature of the encounter with this guy.

  1. Meredyth

    Great shot! Watched Nature last night on PBS, and ‘who’ should be a major part?
    The prairie dog; learned a lot of the tiny friends I made on many of my wanderings across the plains…

    1. Hi Meredyth, I did not see Nature last night but have read about the importance of the prairie dog colonies in sustaining the prairie ecosystem in the past and it really bring home the message of how important they are.

  2. So sweet!
    I’m sorry for long absence, but the weather has not inspired to do anything photo related for quite a lonf time now, so I just had to do something else…
    Have a great weekend, and a lovely Happy Valentine’s Day!

  3. Wonderful photo … very cute.

    You know, I’ve lived in Denver all my life, and I’ve never been to Rocky Mt Arsenal … I may have to make a trip over this Spring….

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