The Oriole that is. Bight orange and beautiful the Bullocks Oriole. Who can resist that goatee and the Zoroesque mask. We typically see hundreds of Oriole nest in the winter and early spring but only catch a rare glimpse of the maker. This year we were lucky and got several nice opportunities.

24 thoughts on “Bullocks

    1. Thanks Cindy, we have spent years trying to get some good photos of these guys. We see literally hundreds of oriole nests hanging from cottonwood trees every winter but once the trees leaf out in the spring we know where they might be but only see a streak of orange or yellow entering the canopy.

      1. We’re supposed to get California orioles and I saw two during the winter which migrated over to AZ. And, I am surrounded by Cottonwoods, but can’t seem to attract them to the property. What a treat.

    1. Hi, first of all thanks for checking out the site and leaving feedback it is much appreciated. You bird sure looks like a bullocks to me from the photo but as is always the case without that one great photo to ID it it is always up in the air. How are the birds up in WYO right now.

        1. Up until this year we have only caught glimpses of the orioles in the denver area. They seem to come just as the trees leaf out and we only get to see a flash of color. This year we got lucky.

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