35 thoughts on “Meet Lefty

  1. Great picture! i love trees!! I live in a tiny cottage in the forest, Trees are my very best friends, I feel and hear them all around me. so amazing and such under-appreciated beings. Thank you for a wonderful post! Michelle

  2. There are trees I actually talk to when I see them, maybe not out loud, but a hey, how you doing, good to see you again kind of thought: a locust in Illinois with circumference I hesitate to estimate and a beech in Dumbarton Oaks, now gone, that left a whole in the landscape; and one right on the corner, a gorgeous vase-shaped elm.

    1. Hi, saying hello is a sign of respect. Perhaps it is just proper manners to say hello when passing by these old guys. A sign of respect and respect is due to all who live on they big old ball. Hope your day is going well.

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