Last of the day


We spotted this Belted Kingfisher catching the last rays of late February sunlight as we were near the end of an afternoon walk. We regularly see a Kingfisher along this stretch of the river but it is very mindful of our presence and usually keeps just out of photo range. This day we were able to get a step closer but just barley close enough for a photo. Clear Creek, Denver CO.

9 thoughts on “Last of the day

  1. naturlvrx2

    Nice bird. Not familiar with it, as we don’t see them in our neck of the woods. Agree with Eliza, like his do!

    1. HI, these guys are fun to watch diving into ponds and rivers from perches above. I always see great photos others takes of the kingfisher but our local guys don’t let us get very close at all. Hope your day is going well.

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