26 thoughts on “At rest

  1. Wow, Mike, you had to be very quick to get this shot. It’s great to see the close-up features of both of these species, they’re usually soaring, and often high.

  2. I love this combination as well as the fact that you identify the birds. I just returned home from abroad and haven’t moved into my home where I have my “bird book” buried somewhere in a box in the attic. Of course I am more of a bird photographer than a hardcore birder!

    1. Hi, they were in motion most of the time and trying to capture that made my head spin. Luckily every now and then they landed on a branch like this one as we were able to et a fews taking a break.

  3. Walking My Path: Mindful Wanderings in Nature

    I love swallows!! Our violet greens should be coming back in about a month. It will be great to have them back. This is a great catch, Mike!

    1. Thanks, there were also violet greens flying around that day but they just would not land with the other guys. Would have been great to get three different swallows all on the same branch.

    1. Thanks Eli, we enjoy sharing what we see out there and are humbled that you enjoyed what we posted. Hope you have a wonderful weekend and thanks for taking the time to leave some feedback as we really appreciate it.

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