The Robin Returns


Just this week the Robins have returned and the pre-dawn singing outside the bedroom window has started. His tune seems a bit rough right now, but heck, it’s early and this guy is just perfecting his song. Practice makes perfect.

14 thoughts on “The Robin Returns

  1. And they really do practice their song, and improve as the season unfolds. Your photo here, Mike, is truly exquisite. You captured the breathtaking features of the American Robin with flourish.

    1. Hi Jet, we have noticed that the Robins song improves and becomes more complicated as the spring goes on. It seem like each Robin keeps adding little bits and testing them out to serif they will work to attract a mate. Hop your week is going good.

    1. They are wonderful birds and getting up early in a month or two and listening to a chorus of the in the trees all around the neighborhood is always a special treat. Hope your doing well and the weekend is almost here.

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