Beyond Human Scale


Imagine the world on a different scale.
Would you be an ant walking in the photo above?
A giant walking the earth with mile long footsteps or an atom floating in space?
Beyond Human Scale lies another world waiting to be discovered.

14 thoughts on “Beyond Human Scale

  1. For some reason this made me think of an NPR interview with a woman who’d written a book about mold colonies. She called them tiny worlds teeming with life. Of course I pictured fairies and such.

  2. Reminds me of a scene form the iconic movie “Animal House” where they are smoking pot and the professor muses, “We are just like an atom in God’s fingernail”. We have so much beauty around us that we fail to notice it. Whether we are an atom or a human, there is beauty to be found on all levels. of Creation that our minds still cannot comprehend.

    1. Well said. Yes we are only limited by our imagination and it seems we need to use it to be able to overcome our limited ability to find beauty. Perhaps is all in our mindset and who we let in there so to speak. Thanks for the thoughtful feedback as we really appreciate it. Hope your day is a great day.

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