25 thoughts on “Just Right

  1. I normally wouldn’t think of doing this motive as a black and white because of the beautiful colored butterflies, but I guess this is the perfect example on why “normal” not necessarily gives the best result. Great composition as well.

    1. Hi Tommy, I think the BW let the composition stand forward in this photo. It also looks very nice in color and with the summer colors was a difficult choice to convert to BW.

      1. Hi Mike. Hope you didn’t misunderstand my comment. By “normal” I meant the color version most of us would have chosen and then become one of a million similar pictures. Your version is far better because it stands out from the rest and reminds us of thinking different.

    1. Hi and I like that description. The dandelion and butterflies working together to make something more than each is as one. Hope your day is gong well and thanks for the feedback as we really appreciate it.

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