Fall seems to be lingering this year in the high county. The temperatures seem somewhat mild, the skies the bluest of blue and the Aspen trees holing onto their leaves just a little bit longer. Taking a cue from nature we lingered as well. Watching the Aspens release their leaves into the mild breezes and sitting in the fall grass looking up at thistles and blue september skies. Linger when you can because September has come and gone the days are getting ever shorter.

10 thoughts on “Lingering

  1. O

    In MD too. We still have hummingbirds stopping by β€” last year we didn’t have any visitors in October. Great photo πŸ™‚

    1. Hi, it is nice to have a somewhat slow start to the colder weather although it could turn to winter on a dime out here. Hope you are enjoying having hummingbirds about int he fall. They don’t visit our yard much but we hear them buzzing about when we hike in the foothills. Have a great Wednesday.

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