16 thoughts on “Waiting

    1. Hi Jet, I agree and on this day it felt like the time between a wonderful autumn day and a winter. Just 1,000 feet lower in elevation it was still fall and just 1,000 feet higher in elevation it was snowing that afternoon.

    1. HI and thanks for the feedback and we apologize for the tardy response. It was a very peaceful day and we have found that this time of year in the mountains can be a very quiet time.

    1. Hi, yes just a touch of snow had fallen a few day prior in the high-country. We have had a warm fall in the city and really there has only been a touch of snow up high this year. I am sure it will come sooner or latter.

  1. hi there, i come from the blogg of stadtauge/berlin and found this photo.
    I think there is a timeflow in nature, which we, humans has difficult to understad. If we not take a pause in our strolls in forest.

    1. Hi and thanks for the thoughtful feedback. I feel the same way that we need time to pause and sit in forests, beaches etc to actually connect with the natural flow of nature. Time to just observe without judgement in a sense.

      Hop e you are well and wishing you the best of days.

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