Importance of Poo


Bison eats grass and then it poops,bugs eat poo and then lay eggs, grubs grow, birds break apart poo and eat the grubs, the broken apart poo fertilizes soil and new grass grows. What a wonderful cycle.

Hi Ho the Prairie-o the Grackle and the Poo…

29 thoughts on “Importance of Poo

      1. Yeah, that’s what I meant… you said it better. English is not my native language. 🙂

        And yes, indeed it is. You have to submit that to the papers, as you said above. 😉


        1. Well either way works just fine I was just playing with words a bit and unfortunately English is my only is my only language so I am the one at a loss here. Take care and all the best.


  1. You are my kind of guy – a lover of poo. My favorite activity is to investigate scat of owls or coyotes to see what they have eaten. I have never had a reason to use the Poo emoji but voila! 💩


  2. Not like us – here we poison our soil with chemicals, take the nutrients from it to grow food, spray the crop with herbicide and insecticide, eat it and poo into toilets and flush it into the ocean…


  3. Graham

    Fantastic! And there we have an ecosystem in action. I’d struggle to think of one with people featuring in it…more is the pity.


          1. Graham

            So true. Perhaps the agreement on climate change which the US recently backed out of was a first step on that path…as it is, part of me would like the rest of the world to ostracise the US over this in some way and work with each other to take strides forwards. Perhaps it is time for the world to change and evolve a little more.


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