Simply Summer

It’s mid-July and the forest near my home has quieted down. On our daily walk we begin to pay more attention to those things that define a July day. Most are simple and I often overlook them.

Like the fascinating home of a spittle worm.

or a Dragonfly resting on a branch.

And how many times I walk right past a dandelion going to seed without stopping to take its photo. A true disservice to that dandelion which has put a lifetime into become such a beautiful thing.

Sometimes it is the simple things that make you say it’s simply summer today.

20 thoughts on “Simply Summer

    1. That is a tough question to answer. In a way taking photos does increase my observation at times I have also found that when I am out without a camera I observe a different but equally beautiful set of images. But to get at the core of your question I would say these are the things I have always observed that being the beauty of nature long before I was able to hold a camera. However holding that camera does indeed feed the skill of observation just as any form of visual art will do be it painting, drawing or video. Thanks for the question and hopeful the start of a conversation in which others are welcome to chine in on and a conversation that will perhaps help me refine that answer. Have a wonderful weekend.

      1. Thanks for your answer. I guess I just feel like when I’m aware that when I get home to see the photos, it seems I am forever finding “added prizes” of things that my eye didn’t necessarily register which for me has made me perhaps that much more aware and appreciative. You have a great weekend too – I’m so ready for it πŸ˜„

        1. HI and yes I totally agree that finding those “hidden gems” in our photography can indeed reinforce our awareness of what lies around us by letting us see things we might not have been focused on yet were always present. Thus a camera can be like having another sensory organ so to speak. I find that every time I take a macro photograph of an insect or a flower that natures beauty and wonder just goes on and on deeper and deeper as we explore it.

          1. Yes, you just articulated what I was trying to say way better as that’s really more what I was trying to say but I’m just not good about saying things 😊(you’re a good writer too by the way)πŸ˜ƒand I am so stealing “another sensory organ” from you in my choice of words from now on as that’s it exactly! So let me ask you, I have a canon Rebel t3i (for now), what macro lens might you suggest? I’d really like to explore macro!

          2. HI, I am not really a gear head so probably not the best but I always suggest trying to get the best lens you can buy for the job you need. That said look for a focal length over 100mm as it makes getting close easier. We use a 105mm most of the time.


    1. Hi Eliza. In some respect we might consider that beauty is indeed simplicity lauded bare and sometimes masquerading a complexity. However when we take time to look that complexity reveals itself as simple.

    1. Hi and thanks for the kind words. We are glad you like our site and what we put up here and we will keep doing it. Thanks again and have a wonderful rest of your weekend.

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