20 thoughts on “Clover and Friends

          1. Down in the San Juan Islands it was like a constant fog for a few days and smell like a campfire. It got worse as the day went on and cleared somewhat each evening.

          2. Yes,friends In Van told me the same thing & I wondered why that was happening?
            I suspect that cooler air coming off the ocean provided a denser layer for this warmer outflow air to rest on here in Tofino.
            Vancouver island allowed this cooler air to flow over it.(like a airplane wing sort of) In the lee of the island (east side) there are vortices & turbulences created that mix both the cooler & warmer layers together bring the smoke closer to the ground.
            I should ask a meteorologist!

  1. Wow. You know your birds, your trees, animals, and your insects. I was thinking Junebug, but dogbane beetle, wowsers. There’s fleabane, too. I’m wondering if there’s a beetle for that…

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