Bombus Ternarius: Tri-Colored Bee

It’s always nice to have these bess buzzing about and who doesn’t like saying Bombus Ternarius.

From Wikipedia “Bombus ternarius, commonly known as the orange-belted bumblebee or tricoloured bumblebee,[2] is a yellow, orange and black bumblebee. It is a ground-nesting social insect whose colony cycle lasts only one season, common throughout the northeastern United States and parts of Canada.[3] The orange-belted bumblebee forages on Rubus, goldenrods, Vaccinium, and milkweeds found throughout the colony’s range. Like many other members of the genus, Bombus ternarius exhibits complex social structure with a reproductive queen caste and a multitude of sister workers with labor such as foraging, nursing, and nest maintenance divided among the subordinates.”

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Just for fun ….Bombus!

19 thoughts on “Bombus Ternarius: Tri-Colored Bee

  1. Bombus! It really is a lovely and very apt name for a little bee, Mike. Such pretty colours and gathering even more citrus colours as he picks up the sunflower pollen!

    1. HI and it is fun to say Bombus. Just a week or two latter and now these guys are nowhere to be sound as it has gotten much cooler and the darn squirrels attacked the sunflowers.

  2. I love this shot! Not recalling ever seeing a tri-color bee, but will be on the lookout now! Bombus Ternarius – could be a spell from Harry Potter or a house in Game of Thrones!

    1. HI, I was amazed when I started looking at the bees this summer and found more variety in species than I knew existed. Its challenging to differentiate them but this Tri-colored was easy and quite a beautiful bee.

        1. They are definitely lower in numbers than many other bees around here. What is amazing is that this year as I have been looking closer at the insects we have the sheer number of different bee species I have seen is pretty amazing. I can not even begin to correctly identify them all and would probably have to collect a sample to even begin and I don’t wish that upon those little bees.

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