Aphids Beware

A few weeks ago one of the plants in our garden seemed to become infested with aphids of all sizes and shapes seemingly overnight. Also hidden within the plant and well camouflaged was a wonderful Aphid eating spider.

Once their prey was sighted the spider quickly moved in and made quick work of an medium sized green Aphid.

Given the number of Aphids present this guy will have quite a feast.

We also noticed numerous lady bugs and damselflies feasting away on the smaller aphids as well. Natural pest control at work.

20 thoughts on “Aphids Beware

    1. HI and thanks. We were a it lucky as while we were watching the aphids the crab spider blew into the frame of the camera on a single thread of silk, landed and went to work. They then hung around for more photos. They do been in well.


    1. Hi Shannon and yes spiders and all those little critters like spiders are not photographed enough and when they are they tend to portrayed a creepy. Probably they all need a story of what they do for us and how intelligent and amazing those little creatures we share the world with actually are.

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  1. wow! Love seeing this nature-balancing act at work, Mike, and your photos are incredible. The spider is so well camouflaged, and so light, it took me a minute to find it, and I gasped when I did.


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