10 thoughts on “At Mammoth

  1. People in NY are sick of the winter weather (not me). To me it’s the prettiest time of year. Love all the snow pics you keep posting! So beautiful and peaceful. It really makes me feel calm when I see them. A dream vacation is going to Jackson Hole in winter. We aren’t into winter sports and I was so happy when we found they offer winter tours 🙂 We’ll get there (hoping sometime in the next 3 years).

    1. Hi and I do hope you make it to JH or Yellowstone in the winter. I suggest you consider a trip into Yellowstone to stay at the snow-lodge for a few days. It is a quiet and pristine place in winter and if winter is a favorite time of year for you it will not disappoint.

      1. We found tours that bring us to Grand Teton and Yellowstone. We can’t figure out how to get around otherwise, we don’t drive. Thanks for the tip, will have fun planning for a future trip 🙂 We went to Banff in Jan and saw the most pristine snow when we went snowshoeing. It was heaven. We were in Kootenay National Park and we took a break in a field. We had fresh snow from the day before and it was so much fun rolling around. Our guide made maple taffy and I couldn’t believe we were eating some snow with it. To see snow that hasn’t been trampled on, yellow and grey was a delight.

    1. I have heard that same phrase before but usually on a hike in which the summit is just over the next rise or the next one after that.

      Hope your well and enjoying the day.

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