Robins Return


There is no doubt spring is here when you are awoken at 5:00am by a chorus of Robins singing outside your bedroom window. It is a wonderful sound, unless of course you were planning to sleep in that day or by chance you get a Robin who can’t sing so sweet and decides your chimney is the place to be, as we did a few years ago.

42 thoughts on “Robins Return

    1. That’s cool. This guy sings a wonderful song in spring and in the early morning a few weeks from now we can usually count about 20 different guys all singing at the same time.

  1. Nice photo of your kind of Robin…very different from the UK robin…yours looks bigger and more the shape of what we call a blackbird (Turdus merula)..ha, ha..when is a robin a robin? I ask.

    1. HI Kit, this guy had a beautiful song and the dawn chorus is a fantastic thing to listen to especially in the spring. Hope your day has been great and wishing you a wonderful rest of the week.

  2. Girl Gone Expat

    The Robins are always a sure sign of spring, unfortunately I haven’t seen anyone here yet, but soon hopefully …

  3. Wonderful picture and the whole thing made me smile. (I’m a very sound sleeper.) My third favorite thing about gardening is when I’m turning over the beds or weeding and I’ll turn to see a robin standing near, giving me the side eye, waiting for me to leave that potentially wonderful feeding ground.

  4. Ours cam in February–They always come right before some awful snow snowstorm and then huddle around looking miserable. But they are happy and singing now! Along with the cardinals and the doves and a few crazy flickers…

    1. Hi and your guys sure were early. We had them arrive a few weeks ago and are still having bouts of winter weather. Every time the weather takes a turn downwards the Robins huddle in trees in large numbers just like yours did and when it clears they disperse to claim their own territory and begin singing in the mornings. It is nice to wake to that song and a sure sign spring is trying to make it’s way here.

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