Stella Orangetip: Anthrocharis stella

We have followed Anthrocharis stella commonly known as Stella Orangetip up and down the trail the last few week with little luck photographing these butterflies that rarely seemed to land. No fooling, one must have flown 25yards in front of us for at least 1/4 mile along the trail last week keeping tis distance but never landing.

When we did see one touch down it was always far in the distance and to make matters worse the wind seemed to be blowing just enough to make focusing with a long telephoto lens somewhat difficult. They definitely seemed to be searching for something specific in their flights and perhaps it was the small white flower in the photo above as they were scattered along the trail and not present in great numbers. Perhaps these flowers will increase in numbers as spring rolls on and then we will get a chance for more close-up shots of this fine looking butterfly.

7 thoughts on “Stella Orangetip: Anthrocharis stella

  1. Vladimir Nabokov spent his summers off in Colorado studying butterflies, and I’m beginning to see why. I find butterfly ID so difficult, and photos impossible, so I’m glad you were able to capture these two beauties, Mike.


    1. HI Jet, I am with you but it is fun to try both photographing and proper identification although photographing is most fun. I really think unless you capture and take a specimen to study close up the ID part is most challenging and since my method is to take a photo in lieu of a specimen it is almost always a challenge given I seem to be missing some information like photo of inside to outside of the wing. Hope your weekend treats you well.

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  2. Wonderful to get the shot of this remarkable butterfly landing on the flower. There is a similar butterfly in the UK called the orange tip..I never did manage to ‘shoot’ it.


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