Bombylis major: Bee-fly mimic

An early arrival as the first spring wildflowers spring is Bombylis major a bee-fly mimic. Bomblyis is about 1/2-3/4 inches long and fuzzy as a cuddly teddy bear. At first thought you might think that probosces is quite the stinger but it is harmless and used to collect nectar.

These guys move very quickly from flower to flower early in the spring and seem to be gone by July which coincides with the decrease ins spring wildflowers.

Gotta love these little guys with the long proboscis, spindly legs and fuzzball bodies pollinating the spring flowers.

2 thoughts on “Bombylis major: Bee-fly mimic

    1. HI Eliza, we see them mostly in spring to very early summer not sure if the reside out east or not but they are small and fun to watch. Hop you have a great weekend.

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